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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are the highlights of POLICY FOR use of Valley Anger Management Website?

Regular attendance in scheduled  class sessions is mandatory for the effectiveness of our Anger Management and domestic Violence course  .

Course attendance requirements:

1-   You must attend your class. If you have a problem with your scheduled time, please discuss the issue with your facilitator.

2-      If you need to cancel a class session or change your appointment due to illness or other urgent circumstances you must notify us 24 hours before your appointment. If no notice is given you will be charged for your missed session full price.

3-      Emergencies can be excused; however, you need to call and confirm your next session within 24 hours if you wish to remain in the program or you will be dismissed.

4-      Services will be terminated and you will be dismissed/discharged if you do not show up or cancel three (3) sessions (excluding emergencies) without prior notice or there is a pattern of inconsistent attendance.

5-      Everyone who attends group  anger management classes needs to take an evaluation class before or after their first class.

6-      Evaluation class is a one on one informational anger management session ($40) with the counselor about personal/family history of relationships, substance abuse, violence and mental issues.

7-      Homework assignments must be completed before attending the next class. Those who do not complete homework assignments will be penalized (will not receive a Certificate of Completion).

8-      Minimum of two Anger Management group classes is required for “no enrollment fee’s   promotion”.

9-      If you only attend one group class you will be charge $30 enrollment fees.

10-  Terms for In-class

Fees are non-refundable. *Class fee is paid one session in advance.If for any reason you cancel your scheduled appointment ,we will charge a minimum fee of $5.

* No credits or refunds will be given for any missed class.

*Any charges Valley Anger Management, Inc. makes to your credit, debit or checking account to reserve seats and times for scheduled sessions cannot be disputed.

*(Court Ordered) Services will be terminated and you will be dismissed/discharged if you do not show up/or cancel three (3) times without prior notice or there is a pattern of inconsistent attendance. You will also be responsible for the full cost of course you registered for.

*Start date must be within 14 days from the intake date. Credit for sessions paid in advance can only be extended to 16 days after the payment date. After 16 days all fees paid in advanced (cash, credir) will be charged by Valley Anger Management. All fees paid for in advanced are non-refundable and non-creditable for future sessions. Minimum of two group classes is required for “no enrollment fee’s promotion”.

* Everyone who attends group classes needs to take an evaluation class before or after their first class. 


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2. Am I able to go back and review materials that have been provided to me online?

While registered for a class you are allowed to view and review materials as many times as you wish. Once your registration ends, you will no longer have access to those materials.

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3. How can I get my enrollment certificate?

Once you register for a class online you can print out the certificate of enrollment by clicking on “enrollment certificate”.

By phone or in person:
You may call one of our representatives and they will be happy to prepare an enrollment certificate for you to pick up. Unfortunately for security reasons we are not able to mail your certificates to you.

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4. Am I limited in the number of classes I can attend?

No, you are able to register for as many classes as you like.

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5. Do I have to take all my classes together?

You do not have to take your classes together. You can set your appointments based on your own personal schedule. This freedom allows you the opportunity to set the pace of the class.

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6. What is the difference between our 8, 12, and 26 hour packages?

With any of our classes we provide you with a wide variety of important information, as well as, anger/stress relieving exercises. The difference between the 8, 12, and 26 hour packages, is that with an increase of time more information is able to be passed on to you, and you are able to learn and practice more anger/stress relieving exercises.

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7. How does Valley Anger Managements, Inc.'s classes compare to other anger management classes?

Many other online anger management classes make you finish the entire course before they give you a progress report. Valley Anger Management, Inc. allows you to print your individual progress reports anytime you want however many times you want.
It is well known that online classes are cheaper than any other type of class, and yet other companies choose to make their online classes extremely expensive.

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8. How do I register for classes?

In Class:

1) Online registration: By visiting our "In- class registration" page, you can view our appointment schedules. You may choose from our available slots. Once you have registered for a specific time, one of our representatives will contact you to reconfirm your appointment.

2) By Phone: You may contact us a schedule an appointment over the phone.


1) Only Online Registration: Please visit our "online class registration" page.


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