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  Domestic Violence Programs and Classes authorized by Court
Approved by Probation Department, Los Angeles

          Our court mandated programs, courses and classes to eradicate spousal abuse and tortures have fetched effective results. If you or your acquaintances have got legal instructions to attend a certified domestic violence class, you can select us as a viable option.  
          With the approval of Probation Department, we conduct batterers’ involvement programs which require 12, 26 or 52 weeks completion time (according to court’s order) where each class is of 2 hours’ duration.

          Our programs include efficient familial violence and anger management preclusion and treatments. Our prime motto has been to stop violence faced by human race irrespective of gender, class, age, region and religion. We assist batterers to keep control over their ill-temper and fury. Using of threats or physical assaults to prove one’s dominant role in a relationship is abhorred, and we enable our clients to rectify their abusive behavior.


Our comprehensive list of curriculum for an individual includes:

  • Definition of Domestic Violence
  • Dynamics of Domestic Violence Crime (DVD and worksheet) 
  • Prevention from domestic abuse (DVD and worksheet)
  • Examining Family Violence
  • Victims of Familial Violence
  • Intimate Partner Violence (DVD and worksheet)
  • Battered Men
  • Battered Women
  • Symptom of Domestic Crimes (DVD and workbook)
  • Building Relationships
  • DVD and worksheet of Anger Management Test
  • Stress Management Examination (DVD and worksheet)
  • Emotional Intelligence analysis and Test (DVD and worksheet)
  • Communication Skill Development(DVD and workbook)
  • Resolving Anger by effectively dealing with stress (Worksheet)
  • Conflict resolution and Problem-solvingtechniques
  • Marital Rape and/or Forcible Sexual act
  • Domestic Torture and Elderly Abuse
  • Specifying and Drawing  Limits/Boundaries(workbook and DVD)
  • Substance Maltreatment and Domestic Violence (DVD and worksheet)
  • Personality Disorder and Domestic Violence (DVD and exercise book)
  • Jealousy (DVD and worksheet)
  • Personality/ Character Mending
  • Power and Control
  • Cognitive re-construction
  • Childhood Incidents  and Present Actions
  • Preventing Domestic Violence/ Crime (in any form)
  • Preventing Divorce (DVD and worksheet)
  • Co-Parenting (DVD and worksheet)
  • The Warrior's Path (DVD and worksheet)
  • Managing Conflict/ Anger to Prevent Domestic Crimes.
  • Child Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment
  • Parent Abuse
  • Sibling Abuse
  • Cycle of Family Violence
  • Causes of Domestic Violence
  • Causes of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
  • Understanding & Empathy
  • Self- Acceptance
  • Self- Forgiveness
  • Self- Control
  • Final-Post Test
  • Exit Interview
  • Certificate of Completion of Domestic Violence Program
          Final Assessment: The course completes with a final exam and exit interview to assess and exercise the lessons that you have been receptive to during the classes. Depending on the final results, we will be able to evaluate what learners have learned all throughout the course. The evaluation will be further intimated to the court or probation officer and after their permission the learners can successfully exit from the program.

          Please keep in mind that Valley Anger Management, Inc will provide the progress reports (including absenteeism rate)  and proof enrolment documents certified Probation Officer and/or the court  to all the enrolled battery class learners

          During this course, our facilitators will provide an in-depth knowledge covering all the topics enlisted in the course content to ensure that you have gained the required knowledge to understand the ill effects of anger and can also do away with the vice called anger.


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