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Anger can lead to very destructive social interactions that people might regret in the future. The way individuals express anger is related to how their social interactions take place. At Valley Anger Management, Inc. we help our clients understand that all anger originates from a specific source. Determining what this source is and how we can change or manage it is the primary goal facilitators have for their clients. Using Valley Anger Management, Inc.'s expertise and knowledge of anger and its origins will enable clients to reach an effective solution to their anger problems.

Anger is a large problem across the United States and the world. If you are one of the individuals that can relate to or have experienced: verbally or physically abusing close friends and/or family, workplace violence, road rage, and other acts of aggression then you will benefit from Valley Anger Management, Inc.'s program. Our On-Site classes are taught by certified anger management facilitators under the Anderson and Anderson model of Anger Management. Our online classes were created by licensed psychotherapists and certified anger management facilitators. 

  We stand behind our services and to insure the quality of our service everyone who attends group classes needs to take an evaluation class(Evaluation class is a one on one informational session ($40) with the counselor about personal/family history of relationships, substance abuse, violence and mental issues.) before or after their first class.*

Our Anger Management programs will help individuals with the following:

        b.Why Am I Here?
        c.Why I Should Change
        d.Do I Need This?
        e.Breaking Down Anger Management
        f.Managing Life Conflicts
        a.Definition of Anger
        b.History of Influences
        c.A Taste of Life
        d.A Taste of Life
        a.Problem Solving
        b.Communication Styles
        c.Emotional & Rational Mind
        d.Emotional Intelligence
        e.Assertive Communication
        f.A Taste of Life
        a.Personal Change Orientation
        b.Sitting on Knowledge vs. Using Knowledge
        c.Situational Observations/Analysis
        d.Maintaining Interpersonal Assertion
        e.Maintaining Self-Control
        g.Taking Responsibility
        h.The Difference Between Men and Women
        i.Caring About Other's Thoughts/Opinions
        j.How to Forgive
        k.If This Doesn't Work, Then What?

In the In Class route to learning Anger Management our facilitators will go over all material with you in fine detail to make sure you have learned the key information needed to understand what anger truly is. Applying this valuable knowledge to your life will aid you in managing and eventually eliminating your aggressive behavior.

The Online route to learning Anger Management will grant self-paced learners highly detailed and structured information required to better their understandings of anger and how it can be managed to prevent future outbursts of aggression. After completing the online course clients will have attained all information needed to effectively resolve their anger problems.  


If you or someone you know suffers from anger, Valley Anger Management, Inc.'s classes can be a valuable resource in teaching you or your loved one how to resolve their anger problems. Valley Anger Management, Inc. provides on-site and online courses to suit your specific needs. Our different options are as follows: (Individuals, families, and group session) click here, and (online classes) click here.
Our Anger Management classes were developed to assist our clients in understanding anger and ways of managing and eliminating destructive expressions of anger. By the end of the course our clients learn:

    1)The Origins of Anger
    2)Anger and its Properties
    3)Good Communication Skills
    4)Emotional Intelligence
    5)How to Apply Knowledge to Life

Managing and resolving your destructive expressions of anger is not as complicated as it seems. Valley Anger Management, Inc.'s In Class and Online courses were developed with the client as the center of attention. Your willingness and effort to change your destructive behavior is the first element needed in being able to resolve anger issues. Valley Anger Management, Inc. is here to provide you with all remaining elements.

*Minimum of two group classes is required for “no enrollment fee’s promotion”. If you only attend one group class you will be charge $30 enrolment fees.


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